Hey! I’m Caitlin, welcome to my blog!

I’m 16 years old and been born and raised (in what I’m now realising, is quite a small town) in England. I’m in my first year of A-Levels and mentally counting down until I can be an adult and move out of my hometown which both excites and scares the living daylights out of me.

Like most other teenagers I deal with the motions of life and all of the wonderful things that come with going through your teen years. (That needs to be read both in a positive and sarcastic manner!) Be that; acne, hormones, friendships, relationships, school work, REAL work, stress, thinking about the future and also having me time! But I’ll also to be talking about all the fun parts of having carefree teen years. I wouldn’t want this blog getting TOO heavy.

As pretty much every girl does, I enjoy spending time on my appearance, with friends, binge watching “trashy” TV shows and counting down until the next pay day.

SIDE NOTE: I’m aware that my blog has some pictures of me which are older than others. Since the summer I’ve had my hair cut from quite long to quite short, so if anything appears odd, you know why. Just a heads up.

I hope that through this blog I can help share some of what my short 16  years have taught me, but also have influence from others and grow from their experiences too.

I really hope you find my blog fun and interesting as well as useful, as I hope to be sharing advice on anything I can. My plan is to post as often as I can, about whatever is on my mind or I feel I should discuss. Realistically, when life gets busy, regular posts won’t happen, but hey, for now, that’s the current plan!

Talk soon,

Caitlin x


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