Hey, all!

I had mocks this week and I had totally forgotten how much I CANNOT STAND exams! They really are the worst. In total, I’ve had 13 hours and 15minutes of exam hours in just 5 days! (I am utterly knackered)

My final exam was a Core 2 Maths paper which felt like I was actually being tortured and now it’s over, I can tell you that I’d much rather walk over hot coals than ever relive that exam [even though I still have to sit it again for my official examination in June, boo 😦 ] I’m not going to share it on here, but my friend took a picture of me after the Core 1 paper I took that morning and I honestly look so rough. It’s probably a mixture of sleep deprivation, lack of makeup and stress, to be honest.

I’m so relieved they’re finally done, don’t get me wrong, and now that it’s half term I am REALLY looking forward to some lie-ins, but I’ve worked (relatively) hard this past week especially and it’s only been one evening and I just don’t know what to do with myself. I’m now worried this will last into half-term. Although, not leaving my bed for a whole week sounds like pure bliss if you ask me!

I’ve tried my hardest this last little while to not become obsessed with how well I’m doing at school and stressing about whether I’ll get good grades or not. It’s important I try my best but the amount of angst that (especially) Maths is causing, frankly isn’t worth it. I’m very much looking forward to dropping the AS in September and never having to sit an exam that even tries to ask what “x” is.

Seriously, what is “x”?

Someone enlighten me.

On the plus side, I have half-term this week which means I can have a little bit more of a relaxed week and a couple of lie-ins (to make up for the lost time).

So the inspirational posts about self-love and “#UgoGIRL” are at a minimum seeing as I’m writing this at 10:50pm (the night before it gets posted), I’ve had a busy week and have work tomorrow morning, plus I’m also dying to catch up on sleep loss so…

All love, talk soon,

Caitlin xx


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