Hey, all!

On Wednesday (February 15th) I spent the best part of an hour in a car on my way to Milton Keynes, then spent an hour and a half on a very busy train, so I could visit my boyfriend in Birmingham for post-Valentine’s celebrations. We’d arranged what seems like forever ago that I’d visit for the day on Wednesday, seeing as my 16-year-old self, had half-term and he wouldn’t have any midterms that day. Then, on January 26th, I decided that I ought to book somewhere for us to have our dinner, which after 20 minutes of googling, was agreed to be Jamie’s Italian. (Which I booked under his name LOL)

Between the day I booked, and the 15th, I kept hearing great reviews about the food and how it’s a lovely restaurant, so I had high expectations I won’t lie.


When I arrived at Milton Keynes, I quickly found out that my train had been cancelled and I would have to wait 25 minutes for a replacement train. I’m presuming that I’m in a minority of people who have ever been to that station so I’ll tell you this – OH MY GOODNESS ME IT IS THE COLDEST PLACE ON EARTH! (You might be led to believe that the coldest place on Earth is Antartica. You would be wrong. It is Milton Keynes train station.) I wasn’t particularly happy. Mostly because I didn’t want to sit in the cold! The longer I sat waiting for the train, the more announcements I heard saying that it was being delayed, and I can’t remember the wording exactly but something along the lines of “we couldn’t find the driver this morning” was the general gist. I ended up waiting from 8:25 (my original, cancelled train) through to 9:05 (my delayed, replacement train). That’s 40 minutes! I even googled how long delays had to be before you could get your money back. (It’s arriving at your destination 30 minutes late for 50% and over an hour for 100% refund in the UK – just a heads up).

In the end, my replacement train (despite the 15-minute delay) arrived on-time in Birmingham and it was only 16 minutes later than my earlier train would have been. Plus, I got to see my boyfriend so I couldn’t be too mad, right?

Anyway, that’s not the point of this (just a bit of back story and setting the scene)

We had a great day, kept it classy with McDonald’s for breakfast (by breakfast we mean 11AM) and we went shopping, then headed back to his. I met a few of his friends around 4 and it was really nice finally putting faces to names, and it was such a lovely day. Then around 6PM we headed out for our dinner (our booking was for 7PM).

Sidenote: I always struggle to eat well at restaurants. I have no idea what it is, but eating out is always daunting for me and I will (almost) always, leave some of my meal. So I tend to dread going out for dinner, and I’ll be honest, I was dreading going out that night, too.

Clearly, we were WAAY too eager, as we arrived 20 minutes early, but thankfully they had a table for us. Genuinely, the restaurant was gorgeous!

We both chose our meals, I had the Butterflied Sicilian Chicken (which I embarrassed myself in front of the waiter trying to pronounce). It’s described to be “Free-range chicken breast in a spicy tomato, aubergine & leccino olive sauce”. Let me tell you this. It was delicious. The sauce was gorgeous, it was a little sweet but totally moreish. The chicken was sooo delicious. I can’t believe I haven’t been there sooner.

I don’t think I have ever eaten anything as good as that in my whole life. My boyfriend ate the Ravioli Mezzaluna (I’m just glad I didn’t go for that – I would have BUTCHERED the pronunciation). I’m not lying to you, every time we spoke as we ate, all we talked about was how good the food was! I don’t think I’ve ever seen him get a plate so clean. The food was amazing!

We also decided we wanted dessert (seeing as we opted out of having a starter) and so he ordered the “Epic Chocolate Brownie” which our waiter seemed pretty jealous that he couldn’t have any. I, on the other hand, had the Blood Orange Sorbet. Maybe it’s only me, but every sorbet I have tends to be very sour and not very pleasant. This sorbet was NOT like that. It was sooo refreshing and I cannot explain how great it was to cleanse the pallet. I also had a cheeky swap during dessert and was able to try the brownie. WOW OH WOW OH WOW IT WAS SOOOO GOOD!!

I’ve even contacted Jamie’s Italian and said how great the whole meal was.

I’m seriously dying to go back and eat there every night and I will most definitely be going back soon. Honestly, if you have the opportunity to go, do it! The food was incredible and I’m annoyed with myself for not taking more pictures of the food! But I do have a couple, which seriously does NOT do the food justice! Everything was presented gorgeously and I wish I could show you that better!



Butterflied Sicilian Chicken



Epic Chocolate Brownie

I don’t think the pictures do the food justice, but I hope you can understand just how good it all looked.

P.S. on top of the brownie was salted caramel ice cream and popcorn. I would have been all over that if my boyfriend hadn’t have wanted it.

That’s all for now,

Caitlin xx





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