My Wild Adventure to the Zoo – LIFE

Hey all!

To say it was a “wild” adventure might be a small exaggeration, but nonetheless, my family and I had a great little adventure out at the zoo.

I really don’t get on with being cold so the fact that it was quite chilly meant that I spent a majority of the day trying to avoid going out and enjoying myself, but I brought my camera and longer lens with me and had a GREAT time! What I’m not showing you are the horrible close ups of my family and some of the pictures my dad took of me with my hoodie tied under my chin and a rain jacket hood protecting me from the gale force mild winds.

I took a fair few photos and it reminded me how much I love doing a little spot of photography here and there. Lucky for you reading, I sorted through them so only my favourite semi-decent pictures are being displayed!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I forget how much I genuinely love taking photos and how much fun I have.

Highlight of the day: It’s a tie between the lemur breakfast, because not only was that the CUTEST thing I think I’ve ever seen, but also myself and my brother spent all our time making jokes. OR it was seeing pictures of ugly animals on posters and our family saying “hey look it’s a photo of you” to one another. As you can tell, we know how to live.

Lowlight of the day: It was super cold (especially in the morning) so walking around the site wasn’t incredibly fun! Also, we were planning on catching a bus back to the front of the park and missed it because everyone ran to go see the Meerkats before it came in 5 minutes *I’m rolling my eyes here*.

But all in all, I had an absolutely FAB time and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and getting back in touch with a hobby that I haven’t done in ages! I can’t wait to do more!

Also, because you read this you deserve a golden photo of me with my hoodie tied around my head to keep me warm. It looks great!


I was really cold.

Keep your eyes peeled for more soon because Easter means LOTS of posts coming up about loads of exciting and personal stuff, WOOOO!

Until next time and talk soon,

Caitlin xx


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