Having a Mini Revelation

Hey all,

In my previous blog post, I referenced that I’d had a (sorta) miniature and personal revelation, which I just want to share. If you haven’t read the post already, I’ll link it at the end!

So here’s the story; I’d spent my day at school and the weather was super nice outside for April and so asked a group of friends if they fancied going out for a quick walk or “adventure” as I tend to call them, to enjoy the nice day. Nobody wanted to – mostly because we only had 25 minutes left of our lunch break.

Then that afternoon, I was walking home on my own, I had music blasting into my ears and I was only a few minutes from home when I just started to question why I was so dependent on having others around me to have a good time. I realised that if I wanted to do something, and nobody else did, I just wouldn’t.


Instagram – @caitlinggodfrey

I was also reflecting on how precious life is and how tragedies happen to the most unlikely of people. Also, how sometimes we are so focused on what our future is going to look like, both short and long term, that we forget to enjoy the now. A prime example of this is my life quite recently. Up until recently, I had been so focused on my future and excited about what was ahead, that I now feel as though I have wasted a lot of my time being 16. I wouldn’t go out to see many people or make an effort to talk to my friends outside of school because I was trying to get ready for going to university, moving out, making new friends and developing relationships etc. I wasn’t enjoying being a teenager and having a little more freedom and also having very little responsibility.

And in my head I started to think this:

“I could die tomorrow in a complete tragedy, or something could happen which could stop me from living as I want to. Why am I waiting to do all the fun and exciting things I want to, simply because I can do them later? Or why am I not doing things, because nobody else  wants to do it right now? If I want to go on an ‘adventure’ I will.”

And so I do. I try to apply this to as many things as possible. For example, I mentioned that getting my ear pierced was one of these. I wanted to get it done, why did I need so many people’s approval and opinion? Why was I planning on waiting a while to get it done? I’d decided I wanted the piercing, why was I holding myself back?

And I didn’t have many answers, so I got my mum to agree, because I quite like having her support, and I got my ear pierced.

The same applies for other “adventures”. I’ve told a couple of my friends a little bit about this “revelation” as a joke, and then managed to use it to convince two friends to go on a walk with me, where I had possibly one of the most instagramable photos taken of myself, ever. It’s all about the adventure. It was a typical British ‘summer’ day (and by that I mean, a little chilly, a little breezy, but the sun was out) so I grabbed my sunglasses out of my bag and the 3 of us had pictures taken in front of a huge blossom bush, getting  a little bit cold, but we had a good time. It’s a little adventure and a memory that I hope I keep for a long time, I had a hell of a lot of fun taking photos, and having them taken. Plus, it’s always good fun to goof out a little with your friends, right?

So, there it is. My little revelation about how I’m trying to live. I want to take up every opportunity and stop waiting around for a tomorrow. It’s a sad and scary thought that tomorrow may never come, but living this way leaves very little regrets. It’s a philosophy I hope I can continue to live by.

I have a question for anyone who feels inclined to answer:

What is one thing you wish you could do more of?

I’d either say meeting up with people for coffees or exercising, I hate exercising but love feeling as though I’ve got up my heart rate and done by body some good!



What No Makeup for Lent is REALLY Like – Wellbeing





Click here or on the image to read my previous blog post about how I found not wearing any makeup for 40 days!





Talk soon,

Caitlin xx


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