What No Makeup for Lent is REALLY Like (Amongst Other Things) – WELLBEING

Hey all!

I previously mentioned an “event” that happened. While you don’t need to know all the details, and I don’t feel under any obligation to publically share why this happened – in fact, I feel the opposite – you should know this:

My boyfriend and I broke up. I’m finding it hard but it’s okay because I know I’ll be alright, and it’ll be alright. As I also said previously “what is meant to be, will be” so I’m not worrying about my future right now. Or at least, I’m not trying to.

Maybe with time (a lot of it), it’ll be okay to disclose details, but for now, this is something I’m trying to keep private.

Enough of that though eh?

As I’ve said sooo many times before, I gave up makeup for lent and a LOT of things happened!

For starters (I’ve already said this) I didn’t get cat called which was nice if I’m honest. Nothing like creepy old men honking at you while you’re walking to school. Secondly, my skin really improved! I’m so pleased with how much better it has become. And my final thing is how much my confidence has boosted! I can honestly say that I enjoy not wearing makeup and am happy with how I look. Whilst I still prefer to leave the house with some makeup on, that isn’t to hide how I look, or because I’m unhappy with my skin, but because I choose to wear it and enjoy spending time in the morning on myself. I’m happy.

Whilst this is all good, my (now ex-)boyfriend and I did break up and whilst I can’t put that down to not wearing makeup, it did leave me feeling low and blaming the fact that I didn’t “look pretty” but I promptly reminded myself that I am beautiful and that my identity is within myself and God, not in someone or something else. I am happy with myself. I love myself. That is a good thing and I am proud to say that.

Also, so many cool things have happened that I want to catch y’all up on!

My AS exams are in full swing and just under 3 weeks ago my mum told me that she was worried that I wasn’t doing enough revision. I’d also just recently said that I wanted to get some more piercings in my ear, so we agreed that if a did at least 1 hour on a set amount of days, and signed it off every day, that I could get my helix pierced. Well, guess who’s plan totally backfired…


I got it done and I love it!!!!

Reflecting on this, in late Septemeber/early October, I was going through an identity crisis and decided to change something about me, as though to represent a new chapter of my life. On that occasion, I cut off a LOAD of my hair. This time, I’ve gone and stuck a sparkly hole in my ear, and I’m happy with it.

When I got my lobes pierced at 11 (ish), I didn’t have any problems with infection or anything, so hopefully, I have a similar experience this time too.

I’ve been challenging myself to do more things for myself recently, and I’ve had a couple of self-revelations which has been pretty cool. Getting my ear pierced was part of one of them, although half the battle with that was convincing my mum to let me, which worked!!

Back to no makeup! As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve had people become more honest with their opinions on makeup, mostly males. One of my closest guy friends told me he preferred how I looked without it. I love that it was meant positively and to build me up for my “natural” and “inward” beauty, particularly because it means people around me don’t view my “beauty” as skin deep. But also, I think it’s important to feel confident in how you look and the person you are. On this topic I have two main things I want to say:

Firstly, the thought that you’re only given this body. You cannot change who you are or swap the body you have. It must be a sad thing to be unhappy with who you are, and I remember hearing a story be repeated to me one time about a girl (that the storyteller knew) who had once stood in front of her mirror and write in sharpie pen, everything she hated about herself. This is something that at the time I really identified with, I’d never gone as far as to write down the things I hated about myself, but I would often stand in front of the mirror and look at all the things I hated about myself. I’ll be vulnerable with you here, more recently, a few months ago, I was at a low-low and one night I made a note on my phone and listed all the negative things I felt about myself. I’ve just double checked and I’ve deleted the note, but it had a fair few reasons as to why I hated who I was. It was from things about my personality, through to things about my appearance. I left myself feeling beaten down and useless. It was a low-low.

As I said, this was only a few months ago, now I can tell you, that while I still do beat myself down, I am happy with myself again. I look in the mirror and I am proud of myself. It’s a great feeling to look in the mirror and see scars on your face and instead of thinking “I had my acne scars” to think “my acne is gone! I am blessed”. Instead of thinking “I don’t like my thighs” it’s about changing the attitude to “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”. What’s the point in not being happy with yourself and who you are? You can’t change the skin you’re in. Sure, you can diet, or exercise, or you can wear enough makeup to hide every single one of your insecurities or have surgery. But that won’t make you happy. You don’t get to decide which body you’re in, so it’s important to embrace and accept yourself and your body.

This leads me nicely onto my second point. How do you find happiness?

Believe me, it’s not in finding a partner, or in how many friends you have, or in how many people are “interested” in you, or in alcohol, or sex, or in money, or in how popular you are, or how many parties you get invited to, or anything like that; no matter what the media or society will tell you. You won’t be happy about the person you are with these things. I still learn to love myself a little more every day and learn to accept the person I am becoming every day. But let me tell you this, I have been most happy with myself in my teen years, on three main occasions. The major one I can remember was when I was 14 and early 15. I was looking into getting baptised and I was happy with how I looked and who I was. The second was when I was late 15, I was trying to fall deeper into a relationship with God. The third is most recently, in the last couple of months when I’ve started trying to pour myself into God. Notice the common theme here?

The only thing I truly think that can bring you happiness is God. It’s knowing that He loves you through all of your faults and flaws, knowing that He wants your damage and your mess and your past and your “ugliness” and He loves you and He wants to know you and to help you fix the broken. I love that, and I love that God has a plan for me and that no matter if I’m having a bad hair or a bad skin day, or if I’ve put on a couple of lbs or if I’m wearing makeup or not, He loves me.



It’s a bad day, not a bad life. @caitlinggodfrey – Instagram


I have been happiest with myself and with who I am and the things I am doing when I have known this amazing truth. I love who I am, and I love all God is doing for me.I’ve had other things going on recently, one of the major ones being AS-Levels.

I’ve had other things going on recently, one of the major ones being AS-Levels. It’s amazing to know that through all of this, I have God on my side and whatever happens, that won’t change. I’ve seen this in other’s testimonies and it’s a major part of mine as well. I’ve just got to keep depending on God when things aren’t going my way and continue to depend on God when things are.

Genuinely, this wasn’t where I was intending on taking my post, but here we are. I just don’t think I can talk about my self-worth and identity without bringing Him into it.

I hope you’ve made it this far and it’s actually been interesting and not just sounding like messy ramblings!

I have scary and exciting things coming up in the next little while and I am excited to record it on here and continue to update this little blog. The best part about it is that I force myself to be positive as I write and to also be as vulnerable and honest about things, without going into masses of personal details.

Talk soon,

Caitlin xx




Hey, all!

In my previous post, I talked about what lent is and why Christians tend to make a deal out of it. I wrote about how it is linked with when Jesus was in the desert and how He fasted and was tempted by the devil, just to show devotion to God. It also is to count down the time until Easter, arguably the MOST important Christian holiday.

To read my previous blog post, click here.

Therefore, I’ve decided that this year, during lent, I’m giving up makeup! I mentioned in my previous post, how nervous that makes me but I’m going to go all in and hope for some positive outcomes.

When I was considering starting up a blog, it was mostly because I was trying to heal my acne and wanted to share and have shared with me, ways in which my skin can be improved and how I take care of it. I’ve been trying to cut down the amount of makeup I wear, knowing that I tend to choke my skin with loads of layers of concealer and foundation. Therefore, I know that not wearing makeup will significantly improve my skin.

So here’s my list of reasons as to why I’m giving it up:

  1. It’ll improve my skin – wearing makeup can suffocate the skin and clog your pores. While my skin was really bad I used to deny this to be true, but it really is! I’m hoping that by not wearing makeup, it’ll give it a better chance of healing and allow any new spots to disappear sooner, rather than lingering. Also, in the summer (or the spring, or anytime at all), the sun can really improve the skin when it is able to reach it. I might even get a bit of a tan! 🙂
  2. I can learn to be happy with the skin I have – I can be very conscious as to how my skin looks and I’d like to think I’m good at accepting compliments, but when I’m not wearing makeup, if someone says I look nice I’m like “lol I have no makeup on so clearly you’re joking.” This is a very negative outlook to have, not only towards how other people view me, but also how I view me. I remember reading somewhere love yourself more than others do. This has really stuck with me, I shouldn’t rely on my self-esteem boosts to come from those around me. So my plan is, that while not wearing any makeup, I’ll begin to love my natural skin, no matter how it looks.
  3. I will ultimately become more confident in the way I look – it is easy to find your least favourite qualities about yourself, and base your view of yourself on those insecurities. So I’m hoping that by not wearing makeup, I’ll become less concerned as to how my face is looking 24/7, and instead begin to focus on my body, eating well and making myself feel great. As well as becoming happier with my skin and how it looks!
  4. I can find other ways to make myself feel beautiful – along with this, I want to find other ways to make myself feel good. Be that by working on how my body looks, trying to find an outfit in the mornings that is a little more classy than “sticking on some jeans and a hoodie” or by improving my skin without covering it up!
  5. I’ll take more time caring for my skin – I am soooo lazy when it comes to a skin routine, and I really like to keep things simple because I can’t be bothered to do anything else besides 2 or 3 things AM or PM. Therefore, by trying to improve the way my natural skin looks, I’ll have formed a routine that works and makes me feel great, along with boosting my confidence in the time I’m makeup free!
  6. I can use the time I save to do something else – my current plan is to spend the time I use in the morning to do my makeup, to instead to do a bible study. I really cannot tell you how little I sit down and do a bible study by myself. Therefore, I’m using this newly gained time to spend time learning about God and what the bible teaches about how I should live my life. I’m also hoping that this will make me look to God more and seek God more often in my life.
  7. It’ll save me money – I’ve already worked out that I spend a crazy amount every day on my face and I’ve worked out how much that comes to overall for the 40 days! Although I’ve had to guess roughly how long it takes me to get through my makeup, I’ve worked out that I spend roughly 54p a day on my face and in the 40 days of lent, that is £21.74 (to the nearest penny). That is a scarily high amount considering I don’t think I feel like my face is worth 54p most days! 😀
  8. I might even exercise! – this is a very “might” but there are two reasons I think this might just happen:

a. A lot of the reason that I don’t want to exercise is that I can’t be bothered to take my makeup off before I do and that I don’t want to be seen outside without makeup on. Additionally, when I get sweaty, I don’t want my makeup to slide down my face.

b. If I’m trying to find other ways to make myself feel good, I can instead work out and exercise and make myself become happier with my body and how it looks.

While it might still be optimistic to say that I’ll exercise, I’m going to try and bring that into my routine.

I have below the table of how much I spend on my makeup per day:


I’ve worked out that overall I’ll be saving £21.74. That is a ridiculous amount of money when I think about little money others have.

Also during lent, I’m going to have a little money jar, where all my spare change will go, and on top of this if I choose to buy any makeup during the 40 days, I’m going to add the amount I paid, onto a “tab” (as such) and at the end of lent, all of the money I’ve saved, spent and the amount I’ve not used on makeup in that time will be donated to WaterAid.

For information about WaterAid, and the work they do, click here.

This is such a scary idea for me, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it. I’ll try to keep updates on my blog about how it’s going and at the end, I’ll give a whole rundown on what’s happened and changes that I’ve seen in myself! In the meantime, I’m going to stay positive.

I really hope that what I’ve spoken about might encourage you to also do something challenging and cool for lent or just to raise money for a good cause! If you feel compelled to sponsor me, please just donate to WaterAid, it is an amazing foundation with a great aim and they do so much great work! Drop me a message and let me know if you’ve done something similar!

Question: what are you planning to give up for lent?

Talk soon,

Caitlin xx